Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Battle for zendikar


I am going to tell you about Magic the Gathering and the Battle for Zendikar. What’s interesting about Magic the Gathering is that the cards in the game, each tell a part of a story. One of the main stories is the Battle for Zendikar. The battle for Zendikar is the biggest battles that still continues. It all started with three main eldrazi gods. kozelek, the butcher of truth, emrakul, the aeons torn, and the most dangeruos, ulamog, the ceasless hunger. The eldrazi came to zendikar to eat the land, make other eldrazi, and for the other eldrazi to do the same thing.

Ugin, a planeswalker was studying the eldrazi. He noted that they could not be killed, for they would just go back to their world and become alive again. Their world was a space between space; a place where nothing could live. It is called the blind eternity. If nothing could live there then are the eldrazi alive?

The eldrazi  are kind of like a natural force. They only take shape on the plane of zendikar, where they are titans. Their shapes are avatars that they control in the blind eternity.

Ugin decided that the only way to capture the eldrazi was to put them in some sort of prison. Two other planeswalkers, sorin markov and nahiri, joined forces with ugin and created the hedron matrix. The hedron matrix were stone that were the eldrazi weakness. It would take 4 planeswalkers power to take the hedron matrix down.
Unfortunately, nicholis bolas, found out about the eldrazi and manipulated the three planeswalkers to take it down. Nicholis was an evil planeswalker that wanted to take over.  Ugin figured out at the last second how they had been used and stopped it from happening.

Some of the bigger eldrazi came out, but it was still enough to hold the eldrazi gods. Bolas killed ugin for what he did then left to where nobody knows. Nissa wanted to save her world since the eldrazi were still eating it. Nissa was also a planeswalker. She had a certain connection with zendikar that no one but the animals had. She thought if she let the eldrazi go, they would stop bothering her and go somewhere else. But she was wrong. Ulamog stayed. Now gideon, a planeswalker, is fighting against the eldrazi. Who will win?

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Garruk, the Plainswalker

Garruk, the planeswalker, is one of the best magic cards ever and should be in every green deck. . This card is one of the best cards in the game. He has a particular attack strategy and is good for crushing your opponent in combat.
After Garruk enters the battlefield he becomes a player, like you and me, except you control him. He starts with three life.

Garruk works like a player, and every turn you can use one of his attacks. However, he can be targeted by other players. . If another Garruk enters the battlefield, both planeswalkers will go into the graveyard .

During your turn, you can use any one of his moves. His first attack is to put a 3/3 green beast token onto the battlefield. The next thing you can do with him is you draw cards equal to the greatest power among creatures you control. Sadly, he loses three life when you do this. You have to have at least three life in order to use this move. His best move costs six life, but you get a 6/6 for each land you control when you use this attack. That is at the least 5 6/6’s! If you placed a mana every turn you would have 9 manna. That is 9 6/6’s. If you combined all of them together you would get a 54/54. Surprisingly, this is not the best planeswalker. Jace, the Mind Sculptor is!